Pylon signs are often called pole or freestanding signs. Pylon signs can be mounted with a single pole or multiple poles, use internal or external lighting, or include pole covers for unique shape and design. Other options include, channel letters, architectural accents, & LED Message Centers.

Pylon signs are typically mounted higher in the air than monument signs, creating increased visibility from a distance and attracting customers to your business. Let us help you raise your brand image to the next level with a Pylon Sign. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


The post and panel sign is a traditional sign solution that effectively and professionally displays your business message. Using a variety of materials and design options, post and panel signs can provide a basic traditional look or a distinct and stylish look.


A monument sign is a free-standing sign seated directly on the ground or mounted on a low base, usually at eye level. They can be internally or externally illuminated creating a professional entrance to your company. Often a monument sign is the first impression that a potential client or visitor has upon arriving at your location.

Our experienced design team can assist you in bringing together the perfect mix of style and materials to fit your needs. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


Enhance the WOW factor in your sign with an LED message center! Whether it be for community, commercial, retail, stadiums or theaters use, there is no better way to communicate your message than adding an electronic message center that can showcase eye catching visual graphics.  No other form of advertising offers the same flexibility to connect with your customers as quickly and effectively.

With an EMC you can present your message, products, services, advertise events and enhance your brand image to thousands of people who pass by your locations every day.


Awnings compliment the exterior of your building façade while also presenting your business name and logo to potential customers.

An awning is a shelter constructed of non-rigid materials on a supporting framework which projects from and is supported by the exterior wall of a building. An awning may or may not be illuminated and/or decorated with graphics to serve as a sign. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


Building letters (aka “Channel Letters”) are one of the most popular and commonly used signs in the industry. These signs are typically located on the building storefront. The letters are either individually mounted or are mounted on a raceway, which is then secured to the building. Channel letters can be illuminated or non-illuminated depending on your specification. Light sources include LED’s, exposed neon tubing, or retro LED bulbs. Letters can be face lit or halo lit, and specialty lighting is also available.


A projecting sign is a type of sign mounted on a building facade or storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the sign’s surface and to the normal flow of traffic.

Enhance your business image by standing out from your competition with a projecting sign. Opposed to a traditional wall mounted panel, these signs are designed to increase visibility. There are a variety of projecting wall brackets and face materials available that provide you with your desired look. These signs can also be internally or externally illuminated. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


A wall sign is a single-face sign mounted directly on a building or wall.

We offer all kinds of illuminated and non-illuminated wall signs for office, retail, commercial and industrial buildings. These signs include simple metal wall signs, dimensional lettering, or custom fabricated logo signs.


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