Combining experienced graphic design and architectural sign design, we design and manufacture high quality signs that present your business effectively and professionally. Due to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, our designers have the ability to create the most unique and innovative signs you can imagine.  From custom electrical signs and building letters to Interior Signs and Graphics, we will work with you to design signage that promotes your business, conveys your message clearly, and fits your budget. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


DG Graphics manufactures all signs in house using the latest industry technologies and the highest grade materials. With over three decades of sign design and manufacturing knowledge and experience we know how to build high quality long lasting signage.


Our expert sign installers are equipped with the experience and equipment to handle any installation, from building letters to high rise structures. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee to install your signs in the timely and professional manner you have come to expect. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


Sometimes, mother nature strikes and causes damage to even the strongest sign. Whether it be an electrical issue or lighting failure our highly trained technicians have the equipment and experience to diagnose and repair all signs. We provide emergency repair services, and our trucks are fully stocked. This means we almost always have the parts you need for a repair on hand, so we can get your sign functioning correctly right away. A damaged sign can reflect poorly on your business or establishment and fail to attract potential customers and visitors.

Is your sign currently illuminated with fluorescent lamps or neon tubing? Ask us about LED retro fitting your sign to give it a fresh vibrant look while also saving money!


A complete site survey is a vital part of a successful sign project. As one of the first steps in most sign projects, an accurate examination of building and site conditions will ease the decision-making process for new signage and eliminate any possibilities for errors of re-branding existing signs. Surveys will determine what size, type, mounting specifications and all other vital information for your proposed signage. During the site survey your DG team member will gather necessary measurements and photos that will be required for producing sign designs and renderings. This information will be used for the permit process as well.

Obtaining the right permits and variances for your signage can be a major headache that can lead to significant delays if they are not executed properly. To ensure that your project goes as planned, our trained permit procurement department will handle all aspects of the permitting process with your municipality. By meeting all your signage needs in-house, we can ensure that your signs are completed and installed on time. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Call us today at (765) 349-9500 Call Now


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